Next generation builders

Motivated by the desire to do better

Ecosystem Gentoo is an initiative by Mathi Gijbels, Hendrik Swennen and Herman Verwimp at Gijbels Group, and Maarten Ooms, founder of Enerdo and Moonfish. The reasons to get together? A shared ambition to create a lasting energy-positive impact for our customers’ building projects. After all, like us they realise that the strain we put on the planet cannot continue. By joining and aligning our respective expertise, Gentoo can build or revitalise business real estate that is ready for the future.

Gen. 2

Everything we do is done with future generations in mind. We want to make a difference and make the world better and more beautiful.

In our genes

Everyone in the Gentoo ecosystem shares the same genes, the DNA for a common conviction in what we can all achieve by combining our knowledge.


Friendly - gentle - to our environment and our society, that’s the approach supported by all Gentooneers and what drives us in every decision.

As skilled, resilient and agile
as the Gentoo penguin

These Gentooneers are already part of our ecosystem

Industrieweg Noord 1161
B-3660 Oudsbergen (Opglabbeek)

089 819 100

Oostereindestraat 31
B-3560 Lummen

013 295 3 19

Oostereindestraat 31
B-3560 Lummen

0471 49 68 69

Do you think you have the Gentoo gene?

In the Gentoo ecosystem we break through the traditional ivory tower mentality by combining the forces of different partners, creating a one-stop shop for businesses and organisations who want to realise a sustainable real estate project or make their existing patrimony more sustainable. Our ultimate ambition is to be able to provide a full-circle service for all activities in the building process, with consideration for people, planet and profit.


Partners who share our moral compass and provide complementary services which can reinforce the Gentoo ecosystem are always welcome for a meeting. So, perhaps an insulation company working with biobased materials, a surveyor doing 3D scans or an ICT organisation working on big data and AI, to give just a few examples.


Coming to join us?